F510 & F525 Air Cleaner – SERVICE AIR CLEANER

NOTE: Replace elements yearly or every 25 hours as required.
1. Remove and disassemble air cleaner.
IMPORTANT: Do not clean elements with solvent or compressed air.
2. Wash foam element (A) in detergent and water. Dry element.
3. Put 12-15 drops of engine oil on foam element (A). Squeeze out excess oil.
4. Gently tap paper element (B) to remove dust:
• Element is still usable if you can see light through element and paper appears clean.
• Install new element if element is oily, dirty, bent, torn, crushed, or obstructed in any way.
5. Inspect body (C), and gasket (D), and base (E) for damage. Replace if necessary.
IMPORTANT: Any time air cleaner base is removed, check for free choke operation during reassembly.
6. Assemble and install air cleaner.
7. Check breather hose for hardness, splits and holes. Replace if necessary.
8. Apply silicone sealant on outside diameter of breather hose at end that fits into base to prevent entry of dirt. Install breather hose.

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