F510 & F525 Carburetor – ADJUST FLOAT

NOTE: PA540A engines with engine tag number BS00, pilot jet is pressed in.
IMPORTANT: To remove float, use a needle nosed pliers on end of pin. DO NOT strike opposite end of pin. Damage to pin holder may result.
DO NOT clean holes or passages with small drill bits or wire.
1. Soak carburetor body and all parts, except gaskets (discard), float and plastic rings, in carburetor cleaning solvent for 1/2 hour maximum.
2. Spray all passages with a carburetor cleaning spray to verify that all internal passages are open.

IMPORTANT: Rinse carburetor body in warm water to neutralize corrosive action of cleaner on aluminum.
3. Rinse carburetor with warm water and dry with compressed air. DO NOT use rags or paper to dry parts—lint may plug holes or passages.
4. Inspect all parts for wear or damage, replace as necessary.
NOTE: Main jet high altitude kits are available. For carburetors with black float, adjust float level.
For carburetors with the white plastic float, float level CANNOT be adjusted. Replace if necessary.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT push on float or nozzle jet when adjusting float level.
5. With carburetor upside down, float surface must be parallel (A) to carburetor body. Bend tang (B) to adjust float surface angle.

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