F510 & F525 Engine – INSTALL ENGINE

1. Lower engine into frame. Connect cap screws (G).
2. Connect fuel line.
3. Install bracket (H).
4. Install braces (I).
5. Install muffler using cap screws (F). Install muffler shield.
6. Connect linkages (B) and (E).
7. Connect harness (A).
8. Connect wires (C) and (D).
A—Engine Harness
B—Brake Linkage
C—Purple Wire (Solenoid)
D—Red Wires (Battery Cable and Pigtail)
E—Shift Linkage
F—Muffler Cap Screws
G—Engine Mount Cap Screws (3)
H—Fender Bracket
I—Frame Braces (2)

9. Install seat platform (B) and fenders. (See Remove and Install Seat Platform in Section 80, Group 15.)
NOTE: Inspect O-rings and nylon bushings before installing mower deck arms. Replace damaged parts. Lubricate O-rings and bushings before installing mower deck arms.
10. Install mower deck arms. Install snap ring (A).
11. Install wheels. (See Remove and Install Wheels in Section 60, Group 10.)
12. Install mower deck.
13. Fill crankcase to correct level with proper oil. (See Engine Oil in Section 10, Group 20.)
14. Connect battery cables.
15. Open fuel shut-off valve (C).
16. Adjust throttle. (See Throttle Cable Adjustment in Section 220, Group 15.)
17. Adjust shift linkage. (See Direction Pedal Travel Adjustment and Direction Pedal Neutral Adjustment in Section 250, Group 15.)
18. Adjust brake pedal travel (See Brake Travel Adjustment in Section 265, Group 20.)

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