To make sure the throttle control lever contacts the slow idle stop at slow idle.
• 6 mm (15/64-in.) Drill Bit or 45M7036 Pin
1. Move key switch to OFF position.
2. Put transaxle/transmission in neutral.
3. Engage park brake.
4. Raise and lock seat platform.
5. Raise rear shroud.
6. Move throttle lever to fast idle position.
7. Align hole in throttle control lever (A) with hole in throttle control plate (B). Put a 6 mm (15/64-in.) drill bit (C) or 45M7036 Pin through holes to keep the throttle control lever from moving. Be sure drill bit or pin is perpendicular to the throttle control plate.
8. Loosen cap screw (D) and pull throttle cable tight. Tighten cap screw.
9. Remove drill bit or pin.
10. For F510 (S.N. 100204— ) and F525 (S.N. 100393— ) only, move throttle lever to the slow idle position. Be sure the throttle control lever screw contacts the throttle control plate before the throttle lever bottoms out.
11. Move throttle lever through full range to be sure linkage is not binding.

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