F510 & F525 Transmission – ASSEMBLE DIFFERENTIAL

1. Install bevel gear (C) and pinion gears (B).
2. Install shaft as shown so hole (A) in shaft aligns with locating hole in case.

3. Oil lip of seal (E) and check that spring is in place.
4. Install gear (D) and washer (C).
5. Install cover. Tighten cap screws in staggered sequence to 25.5 N·m (225 lb-in.).
6. Install differential case (A) into housing.
A—Differential Case
B—Differential Cover
C—Thrust Washer
D—Bevel Gear

7. Install axle housing/differential assembly (A) and O-ring. Tighten cap screws in sequence shown to initial torque of 30 N·m (22 lb-ft). Then in 5 N·m (44 lb-in.) increments to final torque of 42 N·m (31 lb-ft).

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