F510 & F525 Transmission – INSPECT AXLE HOUSING

IMPORTANT: Dry parts with compressed air. Lint from cloth rags can damage transmission.

CAUTION: DO NOT allow compressed air to spin dry bearing. Bearing can shatter causing injury.

1. Clean needle bearing (A), thrust plate (B), and ball bearing (C) with solvent and dry with compressed air, while keeping the bearing from spinning.
2. Coat bearings with light weight oil. Check for smooth operation. Replace if noisy or rough.
3. Check thrust plate for cracks or burrs. Replace if damaged.

4. Check ball bearing for axial (A) and radial (B) play.
Replace if excessive.
5. Remove thrust plate assembly, if necessary. Use an inside puller.
6. Remove ball bearing, if damaged.

7. Press ball bearing (C) into housing until it bottoms on shoulder.
8. Press thrust plate (B) and needle bearing (A) assembly into housing.

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