F510 & F525 Transmission – INSPECT PUMP SHAFT BEARING

IMPORTANT: Dry parts with compressed air. Lint from cloth rags can damage transmission.
1. Clean bearing (A) in solvent and dry with compressed air while keeping the bearing from spinning.
2. Coat bearing with light weight oil and check for smooth operation.

CAUTION: DO NOT heat oil over 182 ̊C (360 ̊F). Oil fumes or oil can ignite above 193 ̊C (380 ̊F). Use a thermometer. Do not allow a flame or heating element to come in direct contact with the oil. Heat the oil in a well-ventilated area. Plan a safe handling procedure to avoid burns.

3. To replace bearing, remove snap ring (B) and heat pump housing in an oil bath at 165 ̊C (327 ̊F). Remove bearing using a slide hammer.
4. Place housing on surface plate, snap ring side up, to press bearing in.
5. Install snap ring.

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