F510 & F525 Cylinder Block – INSPECT CYLINDER BLOCK

1. Remove crankshaft.
2. Clean and check block for cracks.
3. Cracks not visible to the eye may be detected by coating the suspected area with a mixture of 25 percent kerosene and 75 percent light engine oil.
4. Wipe area dry and immediately apply coating of zinc oxide dissolved in wood alcohol. If crack is present, coating becomes discolored at the defective area.
Replace block if any cracks are found.

NOTE: A bare block is available for service.
5. Measure cylinder bore parallel with crankshaft and right angles to crankshaft at top and bottom of ring travel.
6. If cylinder bore exceeds wear limit, replace cylinder block or rebore cylinder. (See Rebore Cylinder Block in this group.)
NOTE: If cylinder is rebored, oversize piston and rings must be installed.
7. Install crankshaft.

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