F510 & F525 Cylinder Block – INSPECT OIL SEALS

NOTE: Pack lithium base grease in new or used seals.
1. Remove flywheel. (See Remove and Install Flywheel in Group 10.)
2. Inspect oil seals (A and B) at flywheel end and PTO end. Replace if necessary.
3. Remove crankshaft. (See Remove, Inspect and Install Crankshaft in this group.)
4. Remove worn or damaged seals with a screwdriver.
5. Install seals with lip to inside of engine using a bearing, bushing and seal driver set. Press seals in until flush with hub.
On PA540A engine, press in seal on PTO side to a depth of 0.50 mm (0.020 in.) below crankcase cover flange surface.
6. Install crankshaft.

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