F510 & F525 Cylinder Block – INSPECT PISTON

1. Analyze piston and piston ring wear. (See Analyze Piston Ring Wear in this group.)
2. Remove piston rings. (See Remove and Install Piston Rings in this group.)
IMPORTANT: DO NOT use a caustic cleaning solution or a wire brush to clean piston.
3. Remove all deposits from the piston.
4. Clean carbon from piston ring grooves with a ring groove cleaner (A). If cleaning tool is not available, break an old ring and use it carefully to clean groove.
5. Check that oil return passages in grooves are open.

6. Inspect piston for scoring or fractures. Replace piston if damaged.
NOTE: Inspect clearance visually. Replace piston if clearance appears excessive.
7. Check ring grooves for wear at several points around piston. Replace piston if clearance is greater than specification.

8. Measure piston pin outer diameter. Replace if less than specification.
9. Measure piston pin bore. Replace piston if measurement is greater than specification.

10. Measure piston O.D. (A) perpendicular to piston pin bore.
11. Measure cylinder bore. (See Inspect Cylinder Block in this group.)
12. Subtract piston O.D. measurement (A) from cylinder bore measurement to determine piston-to-cylinder bore clearance.
13. Replace piston and/or rebore cylinder block if not within specifications. (See Rebore Cylinder Block in this group.)

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