1. Remove camshaft. (See Remove and Install Camshaft in this group.)
2. Remove piston and connecting rod. (See Remove and Install Piston and Connecting Rod in this group.)
3. Remove balancer. (See Remove and Install Reciprocating Balancer in this group.)
4. Remove crankshaft.
IMPORTANT: A bent crankshaft must be replaced; it cannot be straightened.
5. Check crankshaft alignment (TIR). (See Check Crankshaft Alignment (TIR) in this group.)
6. Clean and inspect crankshaft. Replace if parts are scratched or damaged.
7. Analyze crankshaft and connecting rod wear. (See Analyze Crankshaft and Connecting Rod Wear in this group.)
8. Measure crankshaft main bearing journals and connecting rod journal. Replace crankshaft if measurements are less than specifications.

NOTE: An under-sized connecting rod is available through the parts catalog, if necessary.
9. Connecting rod journal (A) can be resized to accept under-sized rod. Have grinding done by a reliable repair shop. Before sending crankshaft for grinding, inspect journal radii (B) for cracks.
10. Cover keyway on flywheel end of crankshaft with tape to prevent seal damage when installing crankshaft.
11. Put a light film of oil on crankshaft bearing surfaces.
12. Apply a light coat of engine oil to oil seals and install crankshaft.

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