F510 & F525 Cylinder Head and Valves – INSPECT CYLINDER HEAD

1. Remove carbon deposits from combustion chamber and gasket surface using SCOTCH-BRITE abrasive pads or an equivalent.
2. Clean head with solvent.
3. Inspect for cracks or broken cooling fins.
4. Inspect gasket surface for burrs and nicks.
5. Inspect head gasket for burns and traces of gas leakage. Replace if necessary.
6. Check that oil drainback passages are not plugged.
7. Put cylinder head on a flat surface plate. Check for distortion at several points around the head using a feeler gauge. Replace head if distortion is more than 0.05 mm (0.002 in.).


Inspect studs for cracks or wear.
Install two nuts on stud and tighten together. Remove stud.
Put thread lock and sealer (medium strength) on threads of stud and install in block. Tighten to 36 N·m (27 lb-ft).

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