F510 & F525 Cylinder Head and Valves – REMOVE AND INSTALL VALVES AND SPRINGS

1. Remove cylinder head. (See Remove and Install Cylinder Head Assembly in this group.)
2. Compress intake valve spring with JDM70 Valve Spring Compressor and remove collet halves (A).
3. Remove spring retainer (B) and spring (C).
4. Remove exhaust valve rotator with a magnet.
5. Support exhaust valve from below and press down on spring retainer.
6. Remove retainer, spring and valves.
7. Inspect and replace stem seals as necessary. (See Inspect and Replace Stem Seals in this group.)
8. Inspect and analyze valves. (See Inspect Valves in this group.)
9. Inspect springs, valves, guides and seats. (See procedures in this group.)
10. Install valves, springs, and retainers.

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