F510 & F525 Engine – REPAIR ISOLATORS

1. Inspect isolators for wear, oil contamination, and damage. Replace isolators as needed.
IMPORTANT: Misalignment or oil applied to the isolators will reduce the dampening of the isolators. Be careful to install the isolators correctly.
2. Push PTO clutch isolator into crankcase cover until surface (A) is even with outer flange (B) of the seat.
3. Install the engine mount isolator with the letters “UP” (C) away from the mounting bracket (D). Also the molded rubber projection (E) must be centered between the marks (F), if equipped, or centered on the mounting bracket. Tighten mounting bracket cap screws.
4. Install the axle mount isolators with the letters “UP” (G) aligned with the axle housing rib (H). Push the isolator into the housing until seated against the housing shoulder (I). Tighten mounting bracket cap screws.
A—PTO Clutch Isolator Surface
B—Seat Outer Flange
C—Letters “UP”
D—Mounting Bracket
E—Molded Rubber Projection
F—Mounting Bracket Marks
G—Letters “UP”
H—Axle Housing Rib
I—Housing Shoulder

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