F510 & F525 Mower Deck – ASSEMBLE 48-INCH SPINDLE

1. Press upper bearing (A) tight against spindle hub shoulder (B) using a 1-13/16 disk.
2. Press upper seal (C) with lip towards bearing, tight against bearing using a 1-13/16 disk.
3. Install upper seal ring (D), with grease notch (E) towards bearing, inside seal lip.
A—Upper Bearing
B—Spindle Hub Shoulder
C—Upper Seal
D—Upper Seal Ring
E—Grease Notch

4. Install spacer (B).
IMPORTANT: Support both the inner and outer bearing races when pressing in bearings or shaft.
DO NOT press lower bearing (C) tight against hub shoulder (A). The bearing and seal must be installed to a specific dimension for proper sealing of spindle.
5. Press lower bearing (C) in hub using a 1-13/16 disk.
6. Press lower seal (D) with lip towards bearing using a 1-13/16 disk until seal is 7.8 mm (0.31 in.) below hub flange (F).
7. Install lower seal ring (E), with grease notch away from bearing, inside seal lip.
A—Spindle Hub Shoulder
C—Lower Bearing
D—Lower Seal
E—Lower Seal Ring
F—Hub Flange

8. Align spacer (G) and press spindle shaft (J) into hub assembly.
IMPORTANT: On early model decks DO NOT install hexagon end of spindle shaft in a vise to install spindle sheave nut. The hexagon end of spindle shaft will be damaged resulting in improper blade operation.
9. Install blade (K), washer (L), and cap screw (M) on spindle shaft. On early model decks, make sure that the hexagon shaped hole in washer is in alignment with hexagon portion of spindle. Tighten cap screw to 122 N·m (90 lb-ft).
IMPORTANT: Make sure that the hexagon shaped hole in spindle sheave is in alignment with hexagon portion of spindle shaft.
10. Hold blade with a soft jaw vise or if spindle is in deck, with a block of wood. Install spindle sheave (B),
nut (A), and lubrication fitting (I). Tighten nut to 163 N·m (120 lb-ft).
11. Remove cap screw, washer and blade.
12. Lubricate spindle with MPG-2® Polymer Multipurpose Grease or equivalent at lubrication fitting.

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