IMPORTANT: DO NOT install hexagon end of spindle shaft in a vise to remove spindle sheave nut. The hexagon end of spindle shaft will be damaged resulting in improper blade operation.
1. Install blade (K), washer (L), and cap screw (M) on spindle shaft. Make sure that the hexagon shaped hole in washer is in alignment with hexagon portion of spindle. If only the nut (A) or spindle sheave (B) need to be replaced, and the spindle is still in the deck, use a block of wood to prevent the blade from turning. If spindle is not in the deck, put blade in a soft jaw vice. Tighten cap screw (M) to 122 N·m (90 lb-ft).
2. Hold the blade with a vise or block of wood. Remove nut (A), spindle sheave (B), and lubrication fitting (I).
3. Remove cap screw, washer and blade.
4. Press spindle shaft (J) out of spindle hub (F).
5. Remove seal rings (C) noting location of notched side.
NOTE: Remove bearings only if replacement is necessary.
6. The bearings are seated against the hub shoulder (H) and cannot be removed with a press. Remove seals (D) and bearings (E) using a punch.
7. Remove spacer (G).
8. Inspect parts for wear or damage. Replace as necessary.

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