F510 & F525 Transmission – ASSEMBLE SWASH PLATE

IMPORTANT: Lubricate parts with clean engine oil to prevent damage when operated.
1. Install pump drive shaft assembly (D).
2. Install snap ring (C).
3. Install wear cups (B) and balls (A).
B—Wear Cups
C—Snap Ring
D—Pump Drive Shaft

4. Install swash plate (C).
5. Install snap ring (B).
6. Install assembly (A). Align index mark (D) on shaft with centers of holes (E). Tighten cap screws to 24.5 N·m (217 lb-in.). Adjust when machine is running. (See Control Valve Adjustment in Section 250, Group 15.)
A—Control Shaft Assembly
B—Snap Ring
C—Swash Plate
D—Index Mark
E—Elongated Holes

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