F510 & F525 Transmission – INSPECT DIFFERENTIAL

1. Inspect seal (A). Replace if damaged.
2. Press seal into housing with spring loaded lip towards differential gears.
3. Press seal in until 2 mm (0.08 in.) below ball bearing shoulder (B).
4. Replace O-ring if cracked or damaged.

5. Measure outside diameter of shaft at areas which contact pinion gear bore. Replace shaft if less than 13.70 mm (0.539 in.).
6. Measure outside diameter of bevel gear journal (A). Replace shaft if less than 29.91 mm (1.178 in.).
7. Measure inside diameter of pinion gear bore. Replace pinion gear if greater than 14.35 mm (0.565 in.).
8. Inspect thrust surface (B) of pinion gear.
9. Inspect gear teeth and spline for cracks, burrs or improper tooth contact.
10. Blend nicks or burrs using a fine grade oil stone. Replace damaged parts.

11. Inspect pinion gear seating surfaces (A). Polish scuffs or scratches with crocus cloth and oil.
12. Measure inside diameters (B) of case and cover. Replace if greater than 30.08 mm (1.184 in.).

13. Clean ball bearing in solvent and dry with compressed air, while keeping the bearing from spinning.
14. Coat ball bearing with light oil and check for smooth operation. Replace if rough or if axial (A) or radial (B) play is excessive.

15. If bearing has been removed, measure outside diameter of case journal (A). Replace case if journal O.D. is less than 55.93 mm (2.202 in.).

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