NOTE: Pistons can be installed in any cylinder bore.
1. Measure outside diameter of piston (A). Replace piston if less than 19.98 mm (0.787 in.).
2. Check groove (D) for wear. Install new ring and measure clearance between ring and groove. Replace if piston if clearance is less than 0.60 mm (0.024 in.).
3. Inspect pistons for scoring or ring land fractures.
4. Measure free length of spring (B). Replace if less than 27 mm (1.063 in.).
5. Measure inside diameter of bore (C). Replace cylinder if greater than 20.05 mm (0.789 in.).
Replace cracked or damaged parts.

NOTE: Retaining spring is not used in PA420A/PA540A-AS01 and AS02 motors.
6. For PA420A/PA540A-AS00 and BS00 motors, replace retaining spring if cracked, damaged or free length is less than 42 mm (1.65 in.).
7. Check spline (A) for damage. Blend nicks with fine grade oil stone.
8. Smooth seating surface (B), if necessary, with fine grade oil stone.

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