F510 & F525 Transmission – INSPECT ROTATING GROUP

1. Inspect splines on shaft (A) for burrs, nicks and wear.
Blend sharp edges with fine oil stone.
2. Inspect gear (B) and spacer (C) for nicks, pitting and wear. Replace if necessary.
3. Inspect rollers (D) and detents (E) for scoring, cracks and overheating. Replace if necessary.
4. Replace O-rings (F) on each side of case if cut or damaged.
5. Inspect wear surface (G). Replace housing if damaged. (See Inspect Fixed Displacement Motor in this group.)
6. For PA420A/PA540A-AS01 and AS02, the roller (H) diameter was changed from 6 mm (0.236 in.) to 7 mm (0.275 in.).

NOTE: The roller case, cycloid gear, and input shaft must be replaced as a set to match the specific roller diameter. An identification groove on the cycloid gear (I) and input shaft (J) indicates that these parts are used with the 7 mm (0.275 in.) roller.

A—Output Shaft
B—Cycloid Gear
D—6 mm (0.236 in.) Roller
E—Roller Detent
G—Gear Wear Surface
H—7 mm (0.275 in.) Roller
PA420A/PA540A-AS01 and AS02
I—Cycloid Gear Identification Groove
PA420A/PA540A-AS01 and AS02
J—Input Shaft Identification Groove
PA420A/PA540A-AS01 and AS02

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